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Interested Managers,

The Little League managers and coaches must be leaders. All managers must recognize that they hold a position of trust and responsibility in a program that deals with a sensitive and formative period of a child’s development. It is required that the manager has understanding, patience and the capacity to work with children. The manager should be able to inspire respect. Above all else, managers must realize that they are helping to shape the physical, mental and emotional development of young people.

The Little League manager must be something more than just a teacher. Knowledge of the game is essential but it is not the only badge of a Little League coach or manager. It is the manager, more than any other individual, who controls the situation in which the players may be benefited. Improving the level of leadership in this vital area must be a continuing effort.

Children of Little League age are strongly influenced by adults whose ideals and aspirations are similar to their own. The manager and player share a common interest in the game, a desire to excel, and determination to win. Children often idolize their managers and coaches, not because the adult is the most successful coach or mentor, but because the manager and coaches are sources of inspiration.

Managers must be adults who are sensitive to the mental and physical limitations of children of Little League age and who recognize that the game is a vehicle of training and enjoyment, not an end in itself. It has been stated many times that the program of Little League can only be as good as the quality of leadership in the managing and coaching personnel.

The Board of Directors adheres to the following procedures for the selection of managers and coaches:

1.  There is no seniority or tenure in serving as a manager or coach.
2.  All regular season appointments expire annually.
3.  All managers and coaches are directly responsible to their respective division leader and the Santana National Little League Board.
4.  Reasons for not being selected as a manager or coach are not required to be given to an applicant. There is no appeal process for reconsideration.
5.  Selection of managers, coaches, and umpires is within the leagues’ jurisdiction and not subject to intervention from the District or Region.

In order to establish credibility and a system of expectations amongst the volunteers, we have established criteria to guide the selection process. The criteria listed below in descending priority are used by the Santana National Little League Board of Directors to determine the appropriate candidates for the upcoming season:

1.  The league is looking for candidates who reflect the following leadership skills and qualities:
a. History and current commitment to SNLL above other baseball outlets. Candidate must be in good standing with SNLL. There should be no unfulfilled commitments or debts to the league at the time of application.
b. Reflect an understanding of the age group they supervise.
c. Be aware that they are setting an example to the players.
d. Cooperate with others in making the program of mutual benefit to all players.
e. Show by example that they respect the judgment and the position of authority of the umpire. Instill in their players a respect for the authority of adult leaders in the league.
f. Exercise their leadership role adequately, but leave the ball game in the hands of the players.
g. Provide an opportunity for each player to participate and demonstrate a commitment to develop players of all skill levels to the best of their ability.
h. Encourage their players at every opportunity.
i. Strive to impart as much baseball knowledge as possible to each player, especially concentrating on base running and sliding (which produces the majority of player injuries).
j. Encourage good health habits, good grooming and care of the uniform and equipment.
k. Be instrumental in shaping acceptable behavior patterns whether the team wins or loses.
l. Attend Little League and District sponsored coaching clinics. Learn the rules and regulations then pass them on to the players.
2.  The level of experience of the volunteer is considered:
a. The candidate has Little League management experience in the League for which they are volunteering.
b. The candidate has any Little League management and/or coaching experience.
3.  Knowledge of the game of baseball and the ability to teach it to young children will be viewed as an asset.
4.  The candidate has volunteered for the League in another role other than managing and/or coaching. A commitment to helping the league succeed by volunteering time for non-coaching activities is preferred.

All Managers and Coaches must read and agree to the SNLL Manager & Coach Code of Conduct:
1.  Managers and coaches are expected to adhere to Little League’s Policies and Principles to promote sportsmanship, teamwork, respect and safety.
2.  As being representatives of SNLL and having authority of a team, managers and coaches will be held to a higher expectation of proper behavior and decorum on and off the field.
3.  The following actions by managers and coaches are not allowed and will be cause for disciplinary action:
a.  Throw equipment in an unsportsmanlike or intentional unsafe behavior.
b.  Profane language and/or gestures.
c.  Mocking or harassing of umpires, team members, opponents, or fans.
d.  Use of physical violence.
e.  Intentional delay of game.
f.  Allowing the use of illegal equipment.
g.  Showing disrespect during the pledge.
h.  Actions disregarding safety policies.
i.  Disregard of the rules or regulations.
4.  The following actions will be cause for review by the disciplinary committee:
a.  Failing to fulfill a scheduled umpire duty.
b.  Letters of complaint.
c.  Negative reports from umpires or league officials including during interleague play.
5.  Violation of the code of conduct will be handled on a case by case basis with a punishment of a warning up to expulsion from the league at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
6.  Violence will not be tolerated. The Board of Directors will discipline fighting in any division on a per-incident basis. A first offense is punishable by game ejection, expulsion from the league, or any other manner deemed fit by the Board of Directors, consistent with league policies and the SNLL constitution. Any second offense will result in immediate expulsion from the league.

The selection process is as follows:

Interested applicants must submit a manager application by filling out this Google Form: SNLL Manager Application

You must complete and submit the form before 1/8/2020.

Applications will be reviewed by the League President. A background check through the channel provided by Little League International will be conducted. The President will use the above criteria in evaluating candidates who will be recommended to the Board of Directors. You may be contacted for a short interview.

The President will prepare a slate of recommended managers and present the candidates who best represent SNLL and Little League’s values to the Board of Directors for approval.

Selected managers will be notified by the President no later than 1/15/2020.


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